How to Restore the Desktop Shortcut in Windows 8

This may be obvious to some, though I think it may still need some explaining to those who are new to Windows 8.  If you find that the desktop icon is missing in Windows 8 you can restore it simply by repinning it.

If you’ve accidentally unpinned your Desktop icon/shortcut from the Start Screen in Windows 8 you can restore it by doing the following:


Hit the Windows key or hover in the bottom left of your screen


Once you get to the new Start screen, swipe up from the bottom, down from the top, or right-click anywhere to get the App Bar and click “All Apps”


Right click the Desktop shortcut (under “D” )


Then choose “Pin to Start”


You will now see the Desktop shortcut back on your Start menu and you can drag it anywhere to your liking.



  • jared soto

    the desktop shortcut doesn’t show up

  • ilyas

    thank you! that helped

  • Likhas2003

    The ‘Desktop’ per se was not even there in All Apps because that was accidentally deleted. How to restore it?

    • timothystewart6

       when you go to the start menu, then right click the background and then go to All Apps, you don’t see desktop there?

    • Deatractivate

      the exact same thing happened

  • Chuchofett

    what if i wanted to access the Desktop App per se .. i mean what if i wanted to add the (or exe whatever it is) to the Task Scheduler to launch @ startup .. how would i do that?


    • timothystewart6

      I think you are looking for a way to have it minimized automatically when you log in?

      • Chuchofett

        i want to localize the root of the desktop app (.exe, .app or whichever extension it is) so that i can task schedule that into opening every time i launch windows .. so that it displays the desktop but without opening any explorer.exe windows :) … also .. what if i would want windows to automatically press 2 keyboard keys at start .. ex: [windows]+D .. that way works too :) .. thanks!
        PS: if by minimize you mean the start menu, then yes.

        • timothystewart6
          • Chuchofett

            for some weird reason .. it won’t update further .. i guess 8.1 is still not ready for x64 :(

          • Chuchofett

            all i get is Taskbar, JumpLists and Toolbars and neither has the option :S

          • timothystewart6

            It’s ready for 8.1. You have to download the update from the link in the blog. Ready the article.

          • Chuchofett

            oh .. i was waiting for it to download automatically from windows updates .. lol .. nice thanks .. i’ll just use your link .. thanks a lot! :)

          • timothystewart6

            Np. Good luck!

          • Chuchofett

            Hmm .. it says preview so i guess it’s not fully released yet … downloading anyway :)

  • Gabs

    thank you very much!

  • fahd janjua

    Thanks, it showed up now

    • tstewart

      glad it’s fixed!