Building my Intel NUC Media Center PC

For the last few months I have thought about building a replacement PC for one that’s connected to my TV.  This PC is running Windows 8 with Media Center and has been my DVR for some time.  I have run variations of Windows Media Center since around 2006, all the way back to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.  I still haven’t found a better solution than Windows Media Center for recording live TV, so I am continuing to stick with it.  I really hope Microsoft does something special and creates a Windows 8 modern app version of Media Center but I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve wanted to replace my current Media Center PC for some time.  It’s big, heavy, loud, and powerful.  Don’t get me wrong, I love powerful PCs but having this thing on for a good part of the day doesn’t sit well with me.  It uses quite a bit of power, which for a TV PC, isn’t necessary.  So I decided to slim down and search for a low power, quiet, and cost-effective PC that isn’t an eye sore.  I compared a few models before settling on this one.

My new PC is the Intel NUC D54250WYK.  It comes with  Core i5 processor on a motherboard in a nice little case.  It also includes an infrared sensor which is perfect for my existing remote.  The other components you have to buy separately.   I purchased a mSATA 120 GB hard drive, 8 GB of RAM, and a wireless network card that also provides Bluetooth connectivity.  This is perfect package for a small connect yet powerful PC.

I have personally built every PC i have ever owned (except for my very first) and I have to say this was the simplest one yet.  I built the thing in about 5 minutes.  I created a video to show how I did it. I will go into detail on another post about the configuration later after I have everything set up.


5 thoughts on “Building my Intel NUC Media Center PC

  1. Hi Timothy. I would like to know how you’ve gone with your NUC media centre. I couldn’t find another post about it’s configuration so I’m not sure if you’ve done one. Wanting to do something similar for my home setup but am very keen with someone’s comments on the setup first. Thanks. Finn

    1. Hi Finn,
      Thanks for writing! I need to document my setup soon. It is working well and hopefully it will help.

  2. Hi Timothy

    Thinking of a similar thing to replace my big and noisy old WMC with a NUC or similar. Just wondering how you got on with recording live TV onto a 120Gb disk? Or you don’t ever fill it up?


    1. Hi John. I actually record everything to a server in the basement. It isn’t that difficult to set up. You can get by with a 120 HD but don’t expect to record a lot unless you delete them. I think 1 hour is about 4-8GB of space, so you wouldn’t get much. If you don’t want another PC running all the time (my server is anyway) you can always plug in a USB hard drive.

      1. Ahh I see – thanks for that info. I was hoping to get a NUC to be the main device storing the TV recordings (using a USB dual tuner) and having a Linksys MCE accessing it. I have a NAS for other movies, music, etc, so it’d just need the space for recordings. May need to look at the NUC with SATA support instead of SSD just to get the space…

        Thanks again

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