I ran MY LIFE through a DEEP LEARNING algorithm and here’s what came out…

My life, ran against a neural network and detected by Deep Learning. If you’d like to see how this video was generated using ML and Deep Learning, check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDUa5sY4Jeo

RTX 3090 for Machine Learning?

I’ve been using an NVIDA 1080 for around 4 years now.  It’s been a great card for gaming, streaming, and even video rendering.  It’s kept up with most of these tasks although after upgrading to a 1440p monitor it was difficult for it to keep up with gaming and streaming.  It was also starting to […]

Install python (pyenv) on WSL (Ubuntu)

pyenv is a great way to manage your python version. It allows you to switch your python version on they fly. This is helpful when working on multiple projects that require different version of python. This was written with WSL in mind, however it will also work on Ubuntu. Install dependencies This is a list […]

Build & Deploy Your Own Code in Your Homelab!

So you’re a software engineer or a developer who wants to self-host your own code in your own homelab? Well this is the tutorial for you! In this step-by-step guide we’ll walk through setting up a repo, building and testing our own code (with unit tests) in a self-hosted Gitlab CI runner in our CI […]

pbcopy & pbpaste for WSL

I use pbcopy and pbpaste on MacOS and Linux quite a bit. It’s a convenient way to pipe the output of something in the terminal to your clipboard or from your clipboard into the terminal. If you’re running WSL (the Windows Subsystem for Linux) you haven’t been able to use this, until now. Environment Launch […]

Self-Host Code Server in Your Homelab — VS Code in a Browser!

Have you ever wanted to run VS Code in your browser? What if you had access to your terminal and could pull and commit code as well as push it up to GitHub all from a browser or tablet? That’s exactly what code server does! In this tutorial we’ll walk through step by step of […]

How to Build a Slack Bot

Slack is a great chat and communication tool used by small and large businesses as well as personal use. Slack has a great API and great official Node JS clients that help you automate many features of Slack. If you’re thinking of building a bot for Slack, be sure to follow this step by step […]

Let’s Build a Twitch Bot Using TMI.JS – A Moderator Bot

Let’s build a bot! Not a bad bot like a view bot, but bot for good. Let’s build a Twitch moderator bot using tmi.js! The Twitch API is powerful and and already has lots of great bots however no bot has the flexibility of creating your own! In this video I will show you how […]

The RIGHT WAY to Set Up Windows for JavaScript Development

You want to get started developing JavaScript with NodeJS, ReactJS, or AngularJS but you’re not sure how to get started? This is a complete, step by step guide on how to configure your Windows machines for JavaScript development the right way. You’ll learn how to install and configure Windows, the new Windows Terminal, WSL, Ubuntu, […]