Setup and Best Settings for Streamlabs OBS on Mac

Streamlabs OBS for MacOS is here! In this video we’ll walk through setting up Streamlabs step by step. We’ll install Streamlabs OBS, set up desktop audio with iShowU Audio Capture so you can capture desktop audio, configure our webcam and game capture with a Cam Link, set up our alerts, configure the best possible streaming […]

Docker, Rancher, Kubernetes… Minecraft? (Setup and Install Tutorial)

If you want to set up Kubernetes at home using Rancher to run Docker containers, this is the guide for you. This is a step by step tutorial of how to install and configure Rancher, Docker, and Kubernetes for your homelab. In this video we set up and configure a Minecraft server in just a […]

Remote Gaming! (and Video Encoding using Proxmox and GPU Passthrough)

Are you looking to build a remote gaming machine and passthrough your GPU to a virtual machine? Do you want to use GPU acceleration for transcoding Plex or Adobe Media Encoder? Do you dream of setting up Steam Link and streaming games to any screen in your house? If so, this complete step-by-step guide of […]

Touch Portal vs. Stream Deck

Let’s compare Touch Portal to Stream Deck. We’ll walk through some of the similarities and differences between the free software Touch Portal and the Stream Deck hardware/software combination. We’ll see if we can set up, configure in a step by step guide, and clone our Stream Deck interface for OBS using Touch Portal and a […]

Upgrade Your ROOM (One of the most OVERLOOKED stream upgrades!)

There are so many upgrades out there for streaming, what do I start with? Video card? Microphone? Audio? CPU? RAM? Lights? I started with one that is overlooked by many streamers, and it’s the room I stream in. So come along with me as give a tour of my stream room makeover! Hopefully this video […]

BEST OBS Streaming Settings 2020! 🔴 (Quality, Frame Rate, Bit Rate, Audio, 1080p 60/FPS & MORE!)

Do you want the best settings for OBS in 2020? This is the ultimate OBS settings guide with the BEST OBS settings for streaming Fortnite, Just Chatting APEX Legends, PUBG, or really ANY game. This video includes the best settings for quality, frame rate, bit rate, and audio for streaming at 60 frames per second […]

GoXLR WITH WIRELESS HEADSET – Connect ANY wireless bluetooth headphones

So it’s 2020 and I started a YouTube channel… I know I am late, but I am early to the 4k game! My channel focuses on How-Tos and tips for streamers, primarily Twitch however most of the tips are transferable to other platforms. Connect any wireless headset to a GoXLR or GoXLR mini. In this […]