Self-Host Code Server in Your Homelab — VS Code in a Browser!

Have you ever wanted to run VS Code in your browser? What if you had access to your terminal and could pull and commit code as well as push it up to GitHub all from a browser or tablet? That’s exactly what code server does! In this tutorial we’ll walk through step by step of […]

How to Upgrade FreeNAS to TrueNAS

Want to migrate FreeNAS to TrueNAS today? It’s simple using this step by step tutorial. We’ll walk through how to upgrade FreeNAS to TreNAS CORE. We’ll cover upgrading FreeNAS to TrueNAS on a physical machine (bare metal) as well as a virtualized install of FreeNAS. We’ll prepare our services, jails, plugins, virtual machines, pools, and […]

Proxmox Backup Server Install Tutorial

Proxmox Backup Server is an enterprise-class client-server backup software that backs up virtual machines, containers, and physical hosts. In this step by step tutorial, we install and configure Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) and back up all of our virtual machines. We’ll start with nothing and end up with a fully functional Proxmox Backup Server with […]

Homelab Services Tour — What am I running on my Homelab?

In my homelab tour, I showed you my hardware and network setup that powers all the infrastructure at home. Then, many of you asked which services I am hosting on this hardware. Well, here it is. This is a tour of all the self hosted services I have running in my Homelab. Links for all […]

Techno Tim Homelab Tour — Server Rack and Network

You asked for a tour of my homelab, well here it is. In this tour I will take you through my home server rack and network setup. This includes my all of my home networking equipment, my servers, disk array, and everything else in my server rack. See all of the hardware and links in […]

How to Upgrade, Backup, and Restore Rancher 2

It use to be hard to back up Rancher, but with Rancher 2 it’s super simple. Upgrading, backing up, and restoring your Rancher server should be part of your regular routine. Join me in this tutorial as we walk through backing up, upgrading, and restoring a single node Rancher Docker install in just a couple […]

Meet Heimdall, Your Homelab Application Dashboard

Tired of bookmarking all of your self-hosted services only to lose them? Want access to all your sites from anywhere in the world? Well, Heimdall can help with a clean, responsive, and beautiful dashboard for all of your Homelab services. So join me in this tutorial as we install and configure Heimdall on Docker and […]

Home Assistant on Docker and Kubernetes (Open Source Home Automation)

Are you ready to start automating your smart home with the power of open source?  Do you already have Home Assistant running but need a little more power than a Raspberry Pi?  If so, join me in this easy to follow, step by step tutorial on installing Home Assistant on Docker, Kubernetes, and Rancher. We’ll set it up, walk through and configure the UI, and then move on to configure some Wemo smart switches, Phillips Hue bulbs, Google Home / Chromecast devices, and even create a Dark Mode / Light mode automation script using Phillips Hue Scenes! Links and Documentation in the Description of the Video

Virtualize vs. Containerize (Which should I Choose?)

Details in the description of the video! Should I virtualize this? Should I containerize this? These are great questions to ask yourself when spinning up self-hosted services in your Homelab environment. We’ll review my previous video (20 Ways to Use a Virtual Machine (and other ideas for your homelab…) and decide which should run […]

PiHole on Docker and Kubernetes (I almost gave up)

We know you’ve heard of Pihole and we know you are probably aware of how to install it but… have you tried running it on Docker and Kubernetes using Rancher? Have you configured it for pfSense? Don’t worry, I figured out all the hard stuff for you. So let’s consolidate some hardware and services. 🔴 […]