Optimizing TrueNAS for SPEED (and Safety)

After setting up your TrueNAS server there are lots of things to configure when it comes to tuning ZFS. From pools, to disk configuration, to cache to networking, backups and more. This guide will walk you through everything you should do after installing TrueNAS with a focus on speed, safety, and optimization. Documentation can be […]

Meet Homepage – Your HomeLab Services Dashboard

Meet Homepage, your new HomeLab services dashboard homepage! Homepage is an open source, highly customizable homepage (or startpage) dashboard that runs on Docker and is integrated with over 100 API services. It’s easy to set up, looks good by default, and helps you keep track of everything you are running in your HomeLab and more. […]

HomeLab Services Tour 2024 – What Am I Self Hosting?

What a year of self-hosting! Join me as we walk though my entire infrastructure and services that I have running in my HomeLab! This time I also include network diagrams and dive deep into which services I have running, where they are running, and why I chose them! Video Notes: https://technotim.live Support me on Patreon: […]

UniFi Pro Max Switches & Etherlighting Patch Cables!

Introducing the Pro Max 24 PoE and UniFi Etherlighting Patch Cables from Ubiquiti! We’ll discuss what makes this switch unique, how they are different from the existing pro line, and even take a close look at their new cables that are meant for this switch. Is it useful or just a gimmick? Support me on […]

HomeLab Hardware Tour! (Late 2023)

My Late 2023 Server Rack and HomeLab tour! I’ve upgraded, replaced, added, and consolidated quite a bit since my last tour! New servers, new networking, UPS, cabling, power management, and more new tech on the wall! Video Notes: https://technotim.live Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/technotim Sponsor me on GitHub: https://github.com/sponsors/timothystewart6 Subscribe on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/technotim Become a […]

Introducing UniFi Express, a SMALL device with BIG features!

This new UniFi Express from Ubiquiti packs a lot of power into this little device. The UniFi Express from Ubiquiti is here and it’s going to shake up how we connect small and home networks. It’s a gateway that has WiFi 6 that runs the UniFi network application and can transform into an access point […]

EVERYTHING You Should Know About the HL15

The HL15 from 45Drives is here. It brings a lot of unique features and was built and designed with the HomeLab community in mind. In this in-depth review we’ll cover everything you want to know about this new storage server. Thank you to 45Drives for sending this unit! You can get yours at: https://45homelab.com/ Check […]

Meet netboot.xyz – Network Boot Any Operating System

Imagine all of your favorite operating systems in one place, available anywhere on your network, and you’ll never need to use your flash drive again.  That’s the promise of netboot.xyz, a network boot service that lets you install or boot to any operating system simply by booting to the network. netboot.xyz: https://netboot.xyz/ Video Notes: https://technotim.live/posts/netbootxyz-tutorial/ […]

Introducing the ZimaBlade! – An affordable Low Power Single Board Computer!

Introducing the ZimaBlade, an affordable, low power, single board computer that’s great for a home server, homelabs, tinkering, NAS, retro gaming, or even a dual boot desktop system like me. We’ll take a look at how it compares to the ZimaBoard, the previous device from Ice Whale. ZimaBlade on CrowdSupply: https://bit.ly/3PeSpxvZimaBlade Official Site: https://bit.ly/3tOlpUx Video […]

My NEW Ultimate Desk & Setup Tour 2023!

My setup, my desk, my workbench, and even my studio rack for 2023! Thanks to Grovemade for helping me organize my desk! Use code TECHNOTIM for 10% off! https://l.technotim.live/grovemade Huge shoutout to Elgato for helping me get my stream in check! https://www.elgato.com Here are the items in the video, let me know if I missed […]