Did a recent Windows update break setting an iframe source in Windows 8.1 apps?

I have a Windows 8.1 application that is a wrapper around a web site. I have 3 versions of the site that the user can switch between with a control I built. The control sets the iframe source to the respective site.  It seems like a recent Windows update  broke this (not sure if it was 05/2014 or 06/2014). Here is how I set the iframe’s source:

Nothing odd here.  Just some plain old JavaScript setting the window location.  The window location never changes but I do see an error.

Here is the error I get in the JavaScriptConsole:

APPHOST9624: The app cant use script to load the https://www.example.com/ url because the url launches another app. Only direct user interaction can launch another app.

I have even tried adding the site to the ApplicationContentUriRules in the manifest but it didn’t fix it.

Truth be told, the user is not interacting with the app on this specific event, the control is in a settings flyout and is invoked when the selection changes.  BUT, technically it is not launching another app (if I take the error message as is).  I’m not  launching a new window with that location, I am setting the current window to a new location. It works when the app loads for the first time but not when I hook into an event that is driving from a selection control item changed event.  It still works if I target Windows 8.0.  I am hoping this is a bug and it will be reversed, otherwise I will have to come up with another solution for changing sites.

Is anyone else setting an iframe source this way in a Windows 8.1 app?  Is there a better way to do this?

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