If you have Windows 8, you’ll want to update to Windows 8.1… like now

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 today, a free update for everyone running Windows 8.  Just open the app store, you can’t miss it.



What do you get with Windows 8.1?  Quite a bit actually.

  • Start button is back
  • Better search
  • Better apps
  • Better app snapping (more multitasking)
  • Outlook on Windows RT
  • Integrated SkyDrive
  • Better Start screen (background)
  • Start to Desktop
  • Lots of Enterprise features
  • IE11
  • Interactive training and help
  • More Tile size customization
  • Arrange Tiles easier
  • App backup (when restoring your PC)
  • Better Start screen customization (animations, color, etc…)
  • Xbox, Xbox Music, Video, News, Food & Drink, Finance, Health & Fitness, Travel, Sports, Mail, Calendar, People  – apps are all improved
  • Improvements in Onscreen Keyboard
  • Lots more…


Check out all of the features, tips, and tricks here:



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