Introducing the ZimaBlade! – An affordable Low Power Single Board Computer!

Introducing the ZimaBlade, an affordable, low power, single board computer that’s great for a home server, homelabs, tinkering, NAS, retro gaming, or even a dual boot desktop system like me. We’ll take a look at how it compares to the ZimaBoard, the previous device from Ice Whale.

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Video Notes:

ZimaBlade Accessories:

  • 10g NIC:
  • Quad 2.5g NIC:
  • 4 Port USB Card:
  • WiFi 6 PCIe:
  • PCIe SATA Expansion:
  • Anker USB C Hub:
  • Slim Cat6 Cables:
  • 2.5 to 3.5 Bracket:


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  • 20 Home Server Projects You Can Start TODAY – CasaOS + ZimaBoard:
  • The Best Way to Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu:
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00:00 – What is the ZimaBlade?
00:48 – Unbox Experience
01:19 – Hardware Specs
02:34 – PCI Express Slot
03:16 – First Boot Experience
04:46 – Build a NAS, or Not
05:18 – My Workbench Testing System
05:55 – Testing Power, CPU, and GPU on Windows
06:49 – Testing Power, CPU, and GPU on Linux
07:49 – Power
09:14 – LEDs
09:46 – Power Button
10:08 – PCB Color
10:31 – Printables?
10:56 – My Thoughts

Thank you for watching!

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