Microsoft Releases Office 2013 Customer Preview

Microsoft released Office 2013 Customer Preview (Codenamed Office 15) to the public today. Lots of enhancements are included with the newest addition to their productivity suite. To sum it up, cloud connectivity, optionally touch driven, social and communication/collaboration features integrated, and Metro interface. Your settings, themes, dictionaries, and more will follow you wherever you go because they are synced to SkyDrive. The installation alone is awesome. If you are in need of Office on a home PC and want to try it out I think you’ll be impressed. It takes seconds to install because the bits are streamed to you as you use the features and it will continue to download the installer as you use the product.  It uses click-to-run virtualization too, so it won’t affect your existing install of Office.  This is the technology that makes the speedy installation possible.

You download or see more about it here:



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