Microsoft: The Sleeping Giant Awakes

An old dog can learn new tricks.  Microsoft has accomplished a lot over the last 2 years.  I don’t think they get enough credit or attention unless the do something really like launch Windows 8 or launch their own Windows Surface tablet.  Here’s a list of some of the lesser known things they have done, along with the bigger ones.  This list was created by cool8man in the comments section on along with some of my own.

Software advancements:

Windows kernel brought to ARM with Windows RT.
NT kernel brought to phones with Windows Phone 8.
Modern WinRT app environment built.
Windows Store established.
Windows Essentials package updated.
SkyDrive becomes cloud sync app on all major operating systems.
Xbox Dashboard converted to Modern UI with app store.
Xbox SmartGlass platform unveiled for all major operating systems.
MS Office overhauled with Yammer and Skype integration.
Windows 8 designed for touch-first computing.
IE10 updated for touch and HTML5. (weakest link at MSFT imo).
Lync Mobile client for all mobile platforms.
Visual Studio 2012 overhauled
.NET 4.5 launched.

Industry deals:

MS buys multi-touch creator Perceptive Pixel.
MS buys Skype largest VoIP service in the world.
Largest phone manufacturer of the last decade, Nokia becomes exclusive OEM partner.
MS buys Yammer.
Barnes & Noble establishes new “Nook” company with Microsoft (“Newco”).
Nokia maps replaces Bing maps.
80% of Android OEMs sign-on as Microsoft licensees.
Hardware advancements: 
Kinect launched.
Arc Touch Mouse released.
Microsoft Touch mouse released.
Surface tablets with touch covers unveiled.
Wedge Touch mouse and mobile keyboard unveiled.
Perceptive Pixel 82″ displays adopted.
Xbox becomes top selling console in the world with almost 50% share of game industry dollars every month in USA
Microsoft Stores rolled out to over 30 locations.

Cloud Service advancements: portal services fixed. Hotmail/SkyDrive/Office/Messenger web services overhauled.
MS Office becomes instant install and subscription service on any computer or device.
Bing search integrates Facebook/Twitter/Yelp/LinkedIn sidebar and HTML5 video.
Bing voice search launched on Windows Phone and Xbox.
Xbox Music service doubles size and brings 30 million songs to subscribers.
Azure compliant with HIPAA and BAA

Brand fixes:

Hotmail rebranded outlook.
Zune rebranded Xbox.
MS tablets branded Surface.
Live ID rebranded Microsoft Account.
Internet Explorer gets cool marketing campaign.
MSNBC finally sold off, MSN News in development.

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