Microsoft’s Surface Event

Microsoft planned a press conference in L.A. today to make a “major announcement.”  They certainly did a good job to keep it under wraps, the blogosphere was only filled with rumors and no leaks over the last few days.

At this event there were hints of tablet like silhouettes on TV screens and metro like squares were everywhere.  Balmer then comes out and talks about the future of  Windows and how, since the beginning, Microsoft made a big bet on software.  He then goes on to talk about how the combination of hardware and software is needed sometimes to deliver a great experience.   Microsoft knows hardware, they produced the #1 keyboard, mouse, gaming console (Xbox), webcams, and now tablets!  They just introduced the Microsoft Surface, a Microsoft branded tablet!


The tablet is a magnesium case with USB 2.0, wi-fi, a built in kickstand, less than 2 lbs., 14mm thick , and the cover converts to a multi-function keyboard!  It also looks like you can accessorize with different cases.  They are 3rd generation quad-core Core i5’s from Intel.   It has perimeter venting so that the cooling is evenly dispersed.  They have also introduced digital ink and the tablet can distinguish between a finger so it can stop taking inputs.  It also has a display port that you can connect to a high -res monitor to use as a full PC.  They also introduced a Type Cover tactile keyboard for Surface, they come in different colors and look really slick.  This device family was designed by Panos Panay.

Hat’s off to Microsoft.  It looks great, did an awesome job so far marketing this, and they are really re-imagining the PC.


See more at Microsoft’s Surface site.

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