Remote Debugging With Visual Studio 2012 and a Surface

So you just got your Surface and it’s all personalized, sync’d, app’d up, and ready to debug your Windows Store app?  But wait, everyone tells you that you can’t install anything outside of the Windows Store on this device since it’s an ARM based PC, and the Visual Studio Remote Debugging client doesn’t come pre-installed…  myth dispelled!  Microsoft created these tools for ARM and allows you to install them just as you would any other piece of software.

First you need to get the tools.

Head on over to on your Surface device.

Scroll down to Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012

Download Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012 (ARM) and choose run

Install the tools

You should see the tools on your Start screen.  Launch them.

It will prompt you to install Web Services API (if not already) and configure the Windows Firewall.  Just keep the defaults and click Configure.

The Remote Debugging monitor will pop up.

Now you are ready to connect to it from Visual Studio (if they are on the same network).

Open your solution in Visual Studio 2012.

Select Remote Machine from the debugging target drop down

It will scan your local subnet for machines with the remote debugging tools installed.  It should discover it automatically.  If not, you can always manually input the IP address.


Now Start Debugging

Your PC will warn you that you need to acquire a developer license on your Surface

and your Surface should be asking you to acquire one.


After acquiring the developer license, your app will be installed on your Surface and you can now debug!  The Debugging monitor will show the status.

Happy app’ing!

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