Samsung Focus S – Quick Review

I just received my Samsung Focus S and it is pretty nice.  It is replacing my 1st gen Samsung Focus.  There are a few differences I am not use to yet.  Some I gladly welcome.

The good…

Better quality, faster boot times, dual cameras, more storage space, bigger screen, USB connection at the bottom, extra settings (you can disable touch feedback now), better camera, faster GPS, better battery life, N wireless, and 4G.

The not so good…

The keyboard can’t keep up with my typing – sometimes it lags (which is odd), no phone cases worth buying yet, the auto brightness is not as bright (though you can disable it and have it at full brightness), the speaker is in a weird place so you cover it with your hand, volume is not as loud as the Focus in general, and last but not least… it won’t play .MP4’s  This wouldn’t be a big deal normally, but my Space Weather app has them in it.  The mp4 plays fine on the Windows Phone emulator, and even my old Samsung Focus.  This only happens when you try to stream mp4’s from the web.  Seems like Samsung will need to release an update for this.  Anyone else experiencing any odd issues with the Focus S?

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