“Smoked By Windows Phone” is replaced with “Meet Your Match”

Microsoft launched a new campaign similar to their previous “Smoked By Windows Phone” today.  Once again it features Ben the PC Guy who explains how Windows Phone is not only a  better match for the things you do in your everyday life, but how it is easier and more useful than others.  I particularly like the Lumia 920 video (and I am still waiting for my phone to be shipped since it is on back order) and how it shows the awesome camera in low light.   I think these ads are also reminiscent of the “I’m a PC” campaign that was launched years ago for Windows.  Here are 3 new videos that show you how Windows Phone is a better match.

Nokia Lumia 920: Sarah’s match is a Windows Phone


The Cook Family’s match: The Windows Phone 8X by HTC


Parents find their match with Kid’s Corner on Windows Phone


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