Snow Emergency App Now Available for Windows Phone


Over the last few weeks I have been working on a new application for Windows Phone.  The app is called Snow Emergency.  It  is an application that reports the current status of a Snow Emergency in Minneapolis Minnesota area.  This is something that really hits home for me because 1) I live in Minneapolis 2) I have been towed before because of not being informed when a snow emergency was declared. When a snow emergency is declared parking restrictions go in effect and you run the risk getting ticketed and towed. This app checks to see if a snow emergency is declared and will alert you based on the current alert status.

Before I created this app, I checked to see if one existed for Windows Phone and of course, it didn’t.  I saw that the city of Minneapolis had created one for iPhone and Android and immediately began to think what it would take to create one for Windows Phone.  Both the iPhone version and the Android version have lackluster reviews, most of them complaining about how they don’t actually let you know that a snow emergency is in effect.  I knew that if I were to create an app, this would be the first (if not only) feature for my app.  From this, Snow Emergency was born.  Not only do you get alerts, but you also get all of the information you need in one app. Got towed? Call the impound lot or search for your vehicle. Want to call the hotline? Just a tap away. Not sure of the parking rules for today? Parking rules are included in the app as well as many other bits of information in this one simple application.

One slight problem I have is that I have received no response from the City of Minneapolis when working on this app.  I contacted them a few times (by using the Minneapolis – Contact Us page and Twitter) but no response.  Dear Minneapolis, if you are reading this, please contact me.  I would like to know when/if your Snow Emergency site changes so that I can update my app before you do so that the app will not break.

Currently, this app only supports Minneapolis but I would love to add other cities.  If your city has a similar warning for snow emergencies, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  This is my public service to the great city of Minneapolis – the app is free of charge.  If you would like to support me, consider buying on of my other applications – though not required.


You can download the app here:

Snow Emergency_App_Tile_Icon_WS

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2 thoughts on “Snow Emergency App Now Available for Windows Phone

  1. Great job, Tim! It may drop-off my start screen during summer but rest assured it will be a wide tile again next winter.

    Now you should use Xamarin or Phonegap to release an iPhone/Android version to rave reviews.

    It’s truly amazing how poor access to this data is; like, seriously? Can’t they just have a an XML file or JSON file that is updated along with the site so developers can consume it? Government data is like a decade behind the times. Do their own apps scrape the site or do they have a magical endpoint? You should run an iPhone/Android through your laptop to see where they’re fetching the data from. I could do it for you! I’ve done it before.

    1. Thanks! I thought the same thing about data access. I think the Android version and the iPhone version are webcontrols that just point to their website (according to the reviews I read) – nothing more than a native wrapper around a web page they can already browse to. No alerting, no nothing. I’ll get BlueStacks and check it out on Android.

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