Space Weather for Windows Phone Releases 1.21

Any minute now the 1.21 update for Space Weather should hit the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Microsoft finally gave the green light after a failed certification.  Turns out I can’t use logos in my application unless I have approval, even if it is a Windows Phone logo!  I get it, Microsoft has to protect their brand as well as other companies in respect to logos and branding.  I only added a small little Windows Phone logo in the loading screen; it was only displayed for about 1 second.   After I received the failed certification email from the App Hub I quickly changed it and resubmitted it… lesson learned.  There was almost a 3 day turnaround for them to verify that I removed the logo.  Anyway…


Space Weather 1.21 includes the following changes:

  • code optimization
  • added social links
  • discovered bug with movies on some phones, Microsoft will have to provide the fix, looking for a workaround.
  • added new AuroraMax web cam with live auroras!
  • more Metro UI design
  • added in app review button
  • prepping for next major release!
  • thank you for all of the feedback!

Sad to say that there is a bug with the Movies section.  It seems like it is affecting most 2nd gen Windows Phones.  The movies work fine on 1st gen and even in the Windows Phone emulator.  I am looking for a workaround along with filing a bug with Microsoft.

Here are a few screen shots.  Changes have been made to the loading screen, the About page has been redesigned with in app rating, and the AuroraMax web cam has been added.



Space Weather Windows Marketplace Direct Link (for Windows Phones)

Space Weather App Facebook Page

Space Weather App Twitter Page

Space Weather in the Windows Marketplace



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