Windows 8 Installed

I just renewed my TechNet subscription and grabbed the release version of Windows 8.  I was going to wait until Windows Server 2012 was released and stay on the RC but then I got the itch.  My main PC is an Intel Core i7 with 12GB  of  RAM, 2 SSD’s and a 2TB drive for storage.  Needless to say it is pretty fast.  Although I don’t have touch capabilities this PC, Windows 8 adds many features that plain ol’ desktop users like me can benefit from.  There is also a huge performance increase too.  Windows 8 is so much faster than Windows 7 in booting, launching apps, and even shutting down.

Microsoft is offering a free trial too (aimed at developers).  You can download the 90 day trial of Windows 8 here.  This trial cannot be upgraded to a full version and it will end in 90 days so if you do make the leap, be sure to try it on another PC/laptop you have lying around.



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