Windows Phone Photo Challenge – Places Winner

A few weeks ago I heard about the Windows Phone Photo challenge – find a favorite place and take a photo.  Simple enough… until you try to do it.  All week I tried taking photos of places I went.  Nothing seemed to turn out right.  Well as I was dropping off a friend and I noticed the awesome tree in his front yard.  I said “Man, the tree in your yard looks awesome. ”  He replied “Take a picture of it and send it to me.”  Right away I took out my Nokia Lumia Windows Phone and snapped one.  I opened up Fhotoroom (an app for Windows Phone) and applied a few filters and tilt-shift to blend out the bushes and houses.  I took me about 60 seconds to edit the pic.  I text’d it to him and he replied with a “nice!”

Later that day I thought about the contest and knew I had something that might be acceptable.   I tweeted it using #WPPhoto  and a day later @WindowsPhone tweeted it!

That night I submitted it to the Windows Phone challenge and I ended up winning with a lot of other awesome photos.  It was also featured on WPCentral.

Here’s the blog post on the Windows Phone Blog

Your breathtaking Windows Phone photos of your favorite places

Here’s the Post on

Microsoft’s Windows Phone monthly photo contest winners for October


Here’s the photo I submitted along with the description.  Hope you like it.

by Timothy Stewart

I took this with my Nokia Lumia 900, then edited it using Fhotoroom with the Herc filter and modified it with tilt shift.
This picture was taken in Minneapolis, my new home and favorite place to be – especially in the fall. I love Minneapolis because the neighborhoods are full of lakes and trees – and it is a treat to see it in the fall.

<3 Uptown


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