Winter Parking Restrictions in Effect

Just wanted to give a heads up…  there have been quite a few snow emergencies lately in Minneapolis, including one that just ended.  Well now Winter Parking restrictions are in effect.  That means no parking on even sides of the street until further notice.  I created a Snow Emergency app last year and it almost caught this, but as of now it says undetermined (which is better than nothing) but still it should have just worked.

Here is what you will see in the app while general ‘Winter Parking Restrictions are in effect”.


I accounted for this last year but it looks like Minneapolis updated their HTML, either that or a had it wrong.  This is what should happen:


I guess either way it tells you to check the website, but I don’t think my users deserve this.  What was the cause?

<br />

They must have added a break at some point to format their HTML.  The sad part is Minneapolis Snow Emergency / MN DOT / Hennepin county still has not returned any of my communications after numerous requests.  I don’t want a pat on the pack or anything, just a quick heads up if they are going to change something on their Snow Emergency site, an API would be better but I can only dream.

Like I mentioned earlier, a fix is coming soon.  I also added some more features which I will detail in a later post.

If you have a Windows Phone, you can download Snow Emergency here

You can always see if a snow emergency is in effect for Minneapolis here

Oh yeah, and don’t get towed.

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