Xbox update and Companion App for Windows Phone

The update to Xbox seems to be a hit with most.  I have a Windows Phone but no Xbox… yet.  I think this commercial says it all.  Can’t wait to try this out.  This is another awesome way Microsoft is integrating all of their products telling the “better together” story once again.



2 thoughts on “Xbox update and Companion App for Windows Phone

  1. the xbox update – completely changed the interface and in general is more organized and easier to find what you are looking for. i give it a thumbs up! i also should be getting kinect soon too so the menu is geared for browsing with motions and voice commands. also fits the metro ui look that win8/wp7 has which is excellent.

    the xbox companion – it’s cool, works as expected. hard to find meaningful use for it, since you can only use it when connected to your xbox, in which case you would normally have the game controller right in front of you and a much more robust GUI right up on the screen. you can launch games and find media content and launch it on your xbox which would probably only be useful if you are already watching something on the screen at the time. it also fronts as a remote control too, with dpad and buttons on the phone to navigate the xbox menus. however, it’s a little laggy even when connected to your home network wirelessly. in my opinion, something like xbox live extras where you can view your profile and edit your avatar when you are away from your xbox is a lot more useful. perhaps they have much more in the works for companion, good starter idea though.

  2. Yeah, I tried out Kinect and the new Xbox dashboard at the Microsoft store. Definitely felt odd waving my arms to flip through the menus but it was still pretty cool.

    Wouldn’t the companion app be decent for searching for media? It seems like doing it with the controller is odd, but I guess I am use to navigating the alphabet with a controller since the Nintendo days. Also, I heard that once you use the voice commands with Kinect, the controller and companion app become irrelevant.

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